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  • Keep playin' her and I certainly will eventually.

    I'm tryin' to grab shields moar as'a late, as my track record with gettin' shield grabbed and instantly forfeiting all my pressure 'n momentum is poorly.

    Definitely not. I loves me some D-throws, but I hate a lot of things 'bout Sheik ('sides the needles, best projectile ever), even if it's fun to play a character so easy t' combo with. Her ass recovery and lack of ranged options makes 'er completely unfitting to my playstyle in the neutral game.
    Better than I remember.

    ... But also grab-heavy. Once I figure out P:M Spamus, that'd definitely be your undoing.
    When we both get fired up, it's always close. Bar an uninterrupted wave of momentum or suicide(s).
    didnt even need a rest huehuehuehuehue

    GGs bro. After goin' more than a month without Smash, it felt real good t' play again. 'Specially the Ganon Dittos.
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