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  • I Googled "Gassy Mexican" thinkin' that was a racist slur in relation to "bean eater" or somethin'. Ya scared me, bro. ._.;
    You only have to apologize if you are never going to watch it :lol:
    Do you have a MAL account?

    Just watch the opening (sorry cant find it on youtube)
    The part from 0:53 to 1:00 is the Gintoki I want in the sig
    or if you think it would be easier to find material on the trio (Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura) in there usual clothes
    I like the show because it is half serious and half hilarious
    Do you watch Gintama?
    A Sakata Gintoki one would be awesome.
    You don't have to do the Fire Emblem one though. You dont have to do any of them for that matter :lol:
    What do you think would look better:
    The Gintama Trio or Gintoki himself in his white samurai outfit with a white background with blood stains here and there
    Neosquid made the Showcased moveset
    I made the sprites
    and someone who does not come here anymore made the Pichu one

    Neosquid is probably your best bet. He is better at creating banners than I am.

    And I see you like Sword Art Online
    Dude I could already tell you were a bulbalution lover xD My favorite form is Ivysaur ;D IDK why it just is.
    Btw are you watching/keeping up with Black/White Season? Also what pokemon games are you playing?
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