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  • So I take it for some reason you don't like it ere any more?
    I thought we where ....................... friends.(In a internet sense) ok maybe the internet meaning of friendship is a bit perverted thanks to sites like Facebook (SHOCK im now a user)
    So in the end. I remain here till the end.
    Tell ninstations owner I said hi (But with a wave consisting of one finger)
    (Id do it my self but for some reason im banned as a guest
    This place needs designers, leaders for the art section. Check out my work in the Hall of rage thread. I posted in the showcase place. I could help people improve and help with any art necesity this site needs.
    Could you ban me..please. Im serious and dont ask why because i wont be here ever. I just dont want to even be tempted to come back. Ban me Napalmbrain, put me out of my misery..pull the trigger and make it a prema-ban...this isnt a joke. Do it or ill be forced to spam and then just ban me that way..i really dont want to get banned that way though..:(
    could you move the 'Chatroom' thread in the Nintendo Wii Chat section to either the Lounge or White Noise sections? thanks in advance.
    ****ing spectacular now! Just got my mile high club cheev in CoD4/nerd
    Excellent actually, life is good atm. Glad to hear you finally found a job. GL, mate.
    Ha thanks for getting rid of that spam. I was about to report it and it was like "Invalid thread specified." You're on the ball!

    Haha anyways, how are you?
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