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    Post your Wii Game Collections

    Right now, I have 104 games
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    Thread of Smash

    Yea, thats what they do.. I love SF 4 series.. Except SF x Tekken.. Those 2 games just cant match each other.. Big mistake Havent played ultra yet.. I saw there is Rolento is in Ultra.. I really want to play with him..
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    Glad to be here !!

    hahah :) It happens me when I ask boys "have you ever played Street Fighter 2" and they say "No, I never played it".. Man, I'm old :)
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    Post your Wii Game Collections

    I have more than 60 games.. Hard to post all them
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    Glad to be here !!

    You are exactly right.. I dont wanna misunderstand, I didnt mean its not a fighting game.. It is a fighting game.. Just not into my standarts.. I grew up with Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter, Samurai Showdown etc like any other fighting game fans.. Super Smash Bros.. Its like...
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    Miscellaneous Wii Games

    I only play paper mario on Wii.. Actually I dont even know if there was any other paper mario for other nintendo consoles.. I mean, durig the game.. some characters just keep talking talkin talkin talkin.. you dont play the game.. Personally I like mario galaxy's.. but not as much as super...
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    What're ya watchin'?

    Yes.. Also we only see Batman around 30 minutes or something.. Movie was lack of Btman, lack of action compare to Dark Knight.. Still a great movie though
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    Glad to be here !!

    Tragonight, after our conversation, I played Super smash bros today.. And I like it.. I dont consider the game as a fighting game.. But it is a very fun, lets say Nintedo style game..
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    Any Martial Artists ?

    I ve been into martial arts more than 20 years. I say into, not been doing, because for so many reasons I stopped so many times (surgeries, move a lot, got married :) ) So I am not a professinal.. But still into them.. I practiced Shotokan Karate and Boxing Is there any one who interests...
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    Miscellaneous Wii Games

    Hahah :) No, just keep writing as you want to do.. This is kind of an English practice for me :)
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    Miscellaneous Wii Games

    Thanks Chompy :) Sorry, my English used to be a lot better, unfortunately cant practice enıugh for years, so the problem is me :) Very Sorry to hear about that motion sickness.. I had a friend like you, he couldnt stand some of games.. He said he gets dizzy almost pass out.. And in super...
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    Miscellaneous Wii Games

    Chompy, I am sorry, I couldnt get the point.. Could you make it a little more clear for me ?
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    What's ur favorite song??

    Metallica: Memory Remains Iced Earth: Wolf
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    who do you think is the greatest wrestler/diva of all time

    The Ultimate Warrior THe Undertaker Hulk Hogan Sting
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    Who's your favorite singer/band

    Metallica Pantera Iced Earth Also love to play their songs too