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  • Realms is going great, almost over. then bodine is starting one called Seekers of the lost Treasure. and after that i'll be starting Realms 2
    :lol: Hey night
    Well your posting there because you want to say hi i guess :lol:
    Where have you been?
    Haven't seen you in a long time.
    Alex too you guys just disappeared 0_0

    Nope don't have a wii anymore sold the old one to buy a new one :lol: since it didn't want to read brawl anymore :mad5: So now i'm searching for a new wii :D Well if you didn't delete me in brawl already you can definitely do it now :lol:
    & yea i bought a 360 online so it should get here sooner or later :D
    i've spoken to giga about this as well so:

    please take your time to reach me, storm and lbu. we have something planned
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