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  • hey dude, sorry to say but the wii u is the least of my worries... there a whole load of crap happening in my life at the moment BUT when i do, you'll be the 1st person i'll add ^^ leave your fc on my wall, by the time i get it, i'll most likely not have any other notifications, but thanks for asking ;D
    Aww AC, sadly it's not out here yet and I might get it much later. Probably around the start of the new year, so yeah sorry..^^'
    Yes, I added you. We have to be online at the same time for it to register.
    I'll be able to brawl in about half an hour or so, if you can wait that long.
    Sorry for the late reply but: my Internet got fixed so now I can brawl!! :D
    I've added everyone I missed so........hope to brawl you soon!! :D :D :D
    I tryed getting the black one but they are all sold out.....The color really doesnt matter at this point as long as Im getting it lol
    My Internet is slowing down...... won't be able to brawl or, in fact, do ANYTHING online for a while......sorry for the delay guys. :(
    When I get the chance I'll add everyone that I haven't already (SSBB)
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