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  • I just have fuzzy glimpses of the future, mere pictures of a random event or a short clip. In my sleep, mostly.

    Yeah, it's definitely the text without spaces in it.
    Is that a glitch? On my page, there's a huge space between "antisocial" and "tendencies".....
    EDIT: Wait, that might be the white text just thinking itself as a word. Never mind then.

    But anyway, that's what a forum is for. Talking on the forum. -_- Weren't you going to do something I forgot about?
    Not generic, outright ****. 'Less they've improved over the years (no fast food chain ever does).

    Technically, this joke was never funny.
    Their pizza is ****in' awful.

    That's only a technicality, and therefor you are technically not entirely correct.
    Nothin', truth be told. Should'a been re-legalized centuries ago.

    "Technical Bowser" is an oxymoron.

    No more tech skill than a Bowser, I reckon.
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