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  • Wish I could say the same. I was a Link player in both 64 and Melee, but the transition to Brawl killed me. Much as I tried, I simply couldn't get a perfect feel for Link like I used t' have... Made me sad t' abandon Hyrule's hero in all honesty. If I ever get Brawl workin' again, maybe I should give him another shot. :lol:
    Hugo8a, just one question, what's your name, i got a lot of people in my list recently, hard to keep them straight.
    Respect for mainin' Link, bro. =) We'd be Brawlin' in a moments notice if my Wii still read my disc.
    Hi NoxLamina, I recently added you on Brawl.
    Hope to Brawl with you. :thumbsup:
    Here's my friend code:
    Brawl Friend Code: 0175-3979-1799
    Hey. Welcome to WiiChat.
    Have SSBB I see? Well I'm PHLIP and my friend code is 2322-9937-7809.
    Btw you reply to this by going to my page and posting it there :)
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