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  • First game we played, I had a million johns lol.

    Snake is really just gimmicks, ain't he? Doesn't rely on a supercooltechnical combo game, it's all 'bout tactical use of his unique tools. Which is t' say, he's simple to use if you've the smarts.
    Pokemon is most assuredly a good cure for boredom. 'Specially consecutive fishing some Magikarp.

    That's what everyone says at first. A fair amount of practice later and you'll be right at home.
    The Great 'Karp imparts unto you a sentiment; a purpose, to fill the void of your hollow existence: "Catch a shiny Magikarp!"
    Careful how much ya screw with people. Take pointers from Assasin, he knows how much trollin' I allow.
    I know you, 'Karp knows you, MR knows you, Assasin knows you, I think Neosquid and RockerJ know you...

    That should be enough. It's near borderline of everyone active here, actually.
    You have to do it now or else we're both going to forget.

    Or maybe you read it, but ignore it.
    Are you saying you regularly sift through and read pages of pointless banter from our Conversation?
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