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  • You're welcome, but I ain't one t' take credit for what's unintentional. T'was pure coincidence actually (the parent must of known said move). :lol: I do tend t' breed a nice move on Pokes used in particularly difficult challenges though, so next time ya get an unexpected move during a tough combined challenge, it just might be on purpose.

    I copy-pasted the wrong bloody FC, sorry bro. :lol: Entirely my fault, sincerest apologies. That was bound t' happen to someone... herpderp

    If I ain't even there, logging in 'n out won't fix that. It means you either don't have me added, I somehow have the wrong FC (which would be insanely unlikely, since there's an in-game algorithm that rejects incorrect FCs) or you're in the wrong place. EDIT: No, we just VM'd at the same time lol.
    If you're in the wi-fi plaza (clerk in the middle), I don't see ya. Make sure you're in the right place and also have my FC added.


    I add FCs 'n forget t' save afterwards rather often, so maybe ya pulled a derp like I do. :lol:
    We'll never know whether or not the (supposed) glitch is gone if ya keep VMin' me after each PM, bro. :lol:

    Gettin' online now.
    Aye, I got it. :lol: Sorry I missed ya. I should be able to catch you any time later today 'n tonight so just VM me again, whether I appear t' be online or not.
    Hahaha. I play it from time to time, can't right now though; Xbox is acting up :/

    I use Akihiko. :D
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