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  • Well ain't that somethin'... Thanks for the warnin'. I wouldn't be surprised if hackers have absolutely ****-all t' do with this, but I'll certainly kill my wonder trade activity regardless. Don't feel like losin' any boxes, as I always end up needin' more...
    If they were t' make BW3 and use another set of random protagonists, aye. I don't think it'l fare much better than BW2 since most-everythin' with Ghetsis gets tied up. I don't think there's absolutely nothin' to work with though. Recall in BW1 that the Shadow Triad gives the protagonist the orbs of the Creation Trio. That would mean Ghetsis obviously knows somethin' of 'em. What if he had a third back-up plan to try and succeed where Cyrus failed? Or perhaps the madman would skip the trio and go straight for Arceus. The end of BW2 shows that Ghetsis definitely snapped afterwards, but that ain't to say he won't try somethin' evil again; it'd just be even more insane than previous, like he is.

    Perhaps Arceus could return Kyurem to it's former glory as a whole being, that supposed entirely different species. That's a weak idea for certain, but it's proof that there're definitely ideas that could make a plot in BW3 work.
    And hot damn does it shows since he's the first character t' ever try and kill someone. :lol: Progress towards mature Pokemon game +1. Not that I ever expect it t' happen anywho...

    Would like t' see a BW3 myself honestly, Kyurem hasn't had his "perfect" form explored in any plot venue or even basic information. We need moar Arceus too, I somehow doubt the strongest Dragon type ever doesn't have a direct connection with the God of Pokemon.

    I think everyone was disappointed the most interesting protagonist didn't have much screen time 'till late-game either... I believe that's the way it should'a been, but aye, was still saddened by it too. 'Least all the post-game junk involving N was pretty interestin' IMO.
    Agreed. BW2's status as a sequel was a rather tacked-on plot point. I blame the protagonists's lack of importance. BW2 was loads better than the "Yellow" or "Crystal" of any other generation regardless. Absolutely no regrets buyin' my White 2.

    Yep, Colress was really just the whole "logical antagonist who does it for science" shtick. 'Least he was cooler than another Giovanni though. :lol: Despite the fact he ain't very original of a character, I still liked 'em. Namely 'cause his role signified a lack of "color"; instead of seeking ideals or moralistic truth, he was after scientific absolute-truth of which there is absolutely no morals or dreams associated with. In that vein he was sort'a empty like Kyurem.

    Not that he was empty as vile ol' Ghetsis. Just when ya thought he couldn't become more of a deranged megalomaniac, he sure as **** did. good villain in pokemon game lolwut?
    Aye, quite good it is. The well-executed dungeon crawling gameplay is a surprisingly nice change of pace from the usual static style of battling as well, I'd say. It makes a break from the usual plot habits of Pokemon with a story that actually feels like a story, rather than a plot of forced motivations. I'm really pullin' for Gen 6 games to follow suit what with the progress BW1/2 has given us.

    ... Speakin' of BW2, you were right 'bout Colress. What a shock. :lol:

    Never? I certainly hope ya do then, Mystery Dungeon's better than (most of) the mainstay RPGs IMO. It's a damn shame they ain't as popular as said mainstay Pokemon games. =/
    'Ey fellow Guru-but-not-really, what's your opinion on Magnagate? Ain't gotten a single post in my thread, and it's killin' me. :lol:
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