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  • no problem, i was new to this not so very long ago myself, and i had help getting to know the workings of the forums.
    if you have any other questions than feel free to ask me or better yet a moderator.
    also you can just call me james, as it is my name and i am not afraid to share it.
    oh wut meh grammer no gewd nuff for you, i , dont . ?
    nah, but srsly if i want to make a point or 'talk' intelligently than i can type with much better grammer.
    pg 30, 31 and 32 also, just one example of said ramblings and blatherings, it legitimately like four pages of us arguing.
    also you can't post on your own profile, else i won't know you've responded. you have to post on my profile or go to the view conversation button and post there.
    JJ...I apologize in advance for what I'm about to do.
    Your grammar almost gave me a heart attack. I think that I'll probably be alright soon. However, if you would like me to use 1337, I can.
    Now that that unpleasentness is past, yes, I would severely enjoy discussing intelligent topics with you and yours. Hope to see you soon!
    oh hai der whassup welcome to weechatz!
    btw if u has brawl add meh maybe 1421-3761-4077
    also you seem smart so maybe sometime at like 1 in the morning you can join me and karpmod in tired ramblings about intellamegent topics :D
    Terribly sorry, Sask, but my internet is too slow for a game such as SSBrawl, where split-second speed concerning sprite interaction matters.

    MarioKart's fine, though.
    I play SSBB and LoZ Twilight Princess, thoroughly enjoying the former and mehing my way through the latter.
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