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  • nice, its my Brothers 360 but i use it sometimes, spazz73 i think is his gamer tag, im getting a ps3 tho
    aye am i still in WG cause i quit CCR then i quit ToS now i need a clan cause of bros's lil brother so now i need a clan again plz let me be in ur clan again
    Oh well that's good to hear. My Loyalty Stays With WG!....but i really have been sucking so far...Which do you guys use more now WaW or MWR? I will add you tomorrow.
    eh, **** it. I really don't give 2 shits about cod anymore. ill play here and there, but nah. besides, i decided i dont wanna be in a clan on either game. thanks for saying i could be in the clan, but i gonna fly solo if i even ever play cod again
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