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  • I'm playing today right now. In fact I am setting up a new game at where it says brawl. Please play with me.
    Ah I see, Wii U seems quite fun to play. Who knows, maybe some day we'll meet each other on a Nintendo game!
    'Round here, I think it's a few dimes less... blehhhhhh gas prices

    I'd do the same. :lol: I definitely won't be moddin' my Wii U for at least a few years though. Gotta wait 'till homebrew becomes stable, and I know my Wii U won't randomly die on me via some lame defect. Which then results in me not bein' able t' get a repair... ;_;

    ... I don't understand how there're so many people who've played 'least one Zelda game, but still played 'n beaten less than me. :lol:

    Aye, I ain't a fan of the whole Twilight Realm bits solely 'cause of the light tear huntin'. You've gotta admit it's a hell of a lot better than all that werehog bullshit though, it definitely ain't that bad. :lol: Wolf Link becomes much less of a hassle later on too. Once ya finish the last light tear quest, ya won't hate on Wolf Link as much anymore. Trust me.
    y u gota b so hard 2 get money? Speakin' of, how expensive is gas over there? Believe I've heard it's even more costly in some commonwealth areas than here. That true?

    It's still hard t' believe a used Wii costs $50 these days. :lol: Brawl's even been reduced to $30. I could afford t' **** with my Wii and try to fix it if replacements (and a guaranteed fix) is only $50.

    You've never played TP? o_o ... Don't tell me ya haven't played Skyward Sword yet neither?
    A gift none the greater. :lol:

    If they don't drive ya insane in the coming years, that certainly ain't a bad idea. Youngin's are too eager t' leave the nest to enjoy life these days; when ya gotta handle higher rent, your own abode and schoolwork, there ain't ever any time t' enjoy said freedoms. :lol: Waitin' 'till you've got school all done is wise indeed.
    BoZ!! Long time no talk man, how's it been? Unfortunately, i sold my wii along with all my games :p but if you got a PS3 add me bro! Fancy_Feet09.. I look forward to talking to ya again.
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