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  • Oh trust me, Boz. Once you hit college Spanish everything changes... It's by far the most difficult class I have ever taken. AND IT'S BEGINNING SPANISH!!
    And it can only get better, my friend. Nintendo admitted their wi-fi technology and uses sucked for the Wii. If they've ruled out the epitome of their failures in general this early before release, I'm quite confident they'l go the extra mile and provide a truly satisfactory online experience.

    Maybe better, but then I'd be getting my hopes a bit too high. :lol:

    My thanks for the news. That's certainly somethin' ta ****in' look forward to in regards to the WiiU. :lol:
    Ban hammer of KARP, ya sonuvabitch. ;D

    Yes, I unfortunately do get it... .-.

    I do, but I'm not much of a youtuber anymore, I never use it. Just like TV, it's fallen in usage since I'm a gamer, lol. I'm sure my subscription box is overflowing with garbage by now. I only throw in my password if someone links me some flagged ****, or whatever. Otherwise, I'm only on youtube via links from friends.

    Which reminds me I need to get a G-mail.
    Boz be trollin' as always, huh? :lol: Keep that trollin' to those shitty sites like said IMVU, or my banhammer's gonna get you good, bro. :p

    Yes, by all means be active, dude! We need more veterans like you 'round to spice up the boredom. :lol:

    d00derator?! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS YOU SPEAK? I am no Prinny! :lol: Thanks, bro.

    ... Your profile avatar scares me terribly, by the by. We all know Jin swings that way for his "bro", but... ugh. .-.;
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