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  • What is your Friend code? , because i still don't added you .

    SSBB: 0647-3611-4602
    I will be online today, in a few 3 hours, stay tuned!, give me your Friend code, I will add you today, at least if you can, add me too :)
    ... Uh, none. Ya can't improve a game's lag/disconnect rate/etc. via modding, that ain't how it works.
    Great anime will sometimes have a bad VA or two... t'is just how it goes. Hope ya get over it eventually.

    I've never been bothered by that since I never watched anythin' where it was obvious that a VA was the opposite gender of their character. Naruto included. Let me tell ya, I was in disbelief when I was told Goku's VA was a chick. :lol:
    Naruto, filler, and bein' average at everythin' else. Dragon Ball Z syndrome, really... although Naruto is mighty hate-able, whereas Goku is not.

    Ain't a bad anime (if you skip every single filler), but it's outclassed by a slew of legitimately good anime.
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