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  • hey guys you might not know me but i am a nem user and i need someone to get on their wii go online and play blackops wifi connection on multiplayer because nobody else is online
    Can you please move my thread named "looking for active SSBB friends" in the Wii Online section to the SSBB discussion section? Thanks!
    Hello thar! :) There's this member a while ago, and she wuz trollin', and these mods were banning her like crazy. :lol:
    I kno you check Wiichat every so often so if you see this..

    I dont know if you still play smash but come to POWNZ's tourney It's on December 19 and its both Melee and Brawl I think. Even if its just brawl come and chill out itll be fun.
    Hi Everyone
    I am having a problem with my Wii. All the discs I put in can not be read. I says please consult the guide. I have cleaned a few discs and tried them. I tied new discs, still get same message so I do not think it is the disc. Maybe the optical piece that reads the cd??
    Thanks for any help or suggestions
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