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    click it you

    click it you
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    The Last of Us

    I just ran a perfect game online, zero deaths, 12 downs, 10 executions.
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    What does your user name mean?

    My account got lost so i took over my kid brothers years ago. Venom"Rec", Rec because People pronounce Req "reqwa" it bothered me. My name is VenomRequiem, the name is self explanatory. p.s. I know.
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    Well i got nothing better to do. =)

    Well i got nothing better to do. =)
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    Insomniacs assemble!!

    Wii died when mine died, last year. I'm enjoying the remaining time i have with my ps3.
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    Laptop questions "Technical"

    So Pavilion dv6-7115nr is an A8 hd radeon 7640g with discrete class graphics up to 4084 mb "quad core" but this is apparently an accelerated apu 1.9 ghz/ 2.8ghz. I don't know much about Notebooks but what does this run? From what i read this is only entry level? Oh is this a dual graphics hybrid ?
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    Heh, yeah.

    Heh, yeah.
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    Mario Kart 7 or 3d land

    I forgot to mention, i do however play a lot of local play with my siblings. Personally Mario kart has the amount of playtime as most Mario games & i'd imagine these 2 will be no acception. The only thing that gots me choosing 3d land is that it will be at the store tomorrow.
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    Mario Kart 7 or 3d land

    I'm torn between them both. I just can not decide which one to buy i can only buy 1 since the holidays have me nearly broke. Getting the 2nd game for Christmas isn't an option because sadly i'll be getting a 2nd ps3. Mario Kart 7s online isn't a factor for me since i don't like online...
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    Code Geass R2 Volumes confusion

    How many episodes come in each volume with in season 2 "r2"? I've seen up to the 17 episode & want to buy episodes 18 & up since i can't afford to buy all 4 volumes.
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    Ocarina Of Time 3D

    I've played the original & stopped at the god forsaken water temple too. I've had this 3d remake for a while & have not beat it either, i'm at the light temple btw. I'm not sure why i quit though. Oh & the ending hasn't been spoiled for me yet! Don't spoil it for me please.
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    $80 Price drop for 3DS. Free games for existing owners.

    I was & am satisfied paying my $250, so i would imagine paying $169.99 would make you feel extremly satisfied. Fyi any one who paid $250 before aug 11 will get 20 games as an incentive for paying $250. You do have to log in the e-shop though.
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    Whatcha bin buyin

    My birthday was just yesterday, so i got a little bit of money to spend. Anyways i ended up buying Ghost recon shadow wars "3ds" Dragonquest 4 chapters of the chosen "ds" Tekken tag tournament "ps2" Anti-fungal creme "i seem to have gotten ring worm" e-shop games; Inchworm animation...
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    Your Bucket List

    Sky dive without a professional spooning me. To come across a symbiote. That last one is probably improbable but my most desired. =/
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    Captain America WiiChat Giveaway!

    Berryessa, so that would be Northern san jose.