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  • I feel so dirty...
    Found myself in an xp hacked game (9995 per kill) was torn between getting some xp and honour. Stupidly chose xp... ended up with a score of ****4 (wtf!!!) no it's obvious what i did.

    I feel so dirty
    Hey PI I added you a while ago... You may have the wrong FC, it is 117939717821. Please try it again - Thanks!
    thnx, went 14k 15d in one one them, that was a tough team. im not usually a sniper to be honest. you played well as well, could of just been a good night for me o.o that sux, hope it doesnt happn next time
    The Kunara is great as long as you have it out. I got all the accolades for it just after I got it. Since I got the scope, I switched back to the terralite but added heavey hitter. I hate shotguns too as well as the sewer.
    Hey, You were doing really good today. For some reason I have been in a slump ever since I started playing with Tking. He is good. How is the Vargen? I'm having fun with the AGOC scope. BTW the Drumhead sucks bad.
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