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  • Hey "pro gamer" I am really tied of the bad connection to Wii call of duty black ops I have tried the hard line & WI FI . I have ADSL2 broadband but I'm guessing this won't help? I am really considering another platform to play my games as it does lose all point of playing if youre shooting the other player before they see you & then turn & shoot you with 2 bullets. Help me OBI Wan Kenobi..... er.. "pro gamer" your my only hope. PS I did notice your post was from 2007???????????
    salut quand je vais dans parametre wii il me m'ouvre une page hlp me et me parle de opera help j'y comprend rien c la premiere fois que sa m'arrive peux tu m'aider?
    My router is wireless. My printer, PC, Laptop and Nook are wireless just can't get Wii to connect. IT shows my SSID and I input the WEP Key and still will not connect. I need help. THe router os a Linksys wirless G 2.4 GHz 802.11g model WRT54GS.

    Hi, can you please help me..I can get on internet & have even downloaded games, but cant seem to connect with a person to play online..I have tried several & get a error code, but on animal crossing city folk I have someone that added me, so I should be able to add them & play right? If you know anything about the game, you know you have to go out a gate to visit other towns..it says it will show me the towns available & then the screen is empty, no towns..Please help me..no one else can, I have tried nintendo tech several times & they know nothing & yes my modem firewall is off, thats all they ever come up with..I would GREATLY appreciate ANY help...my email is:[email protected] ..I will wait for any info you have...thanks, Desperate..Kathy
    Trying all morning to connect the wii to the internet, first came up with the code 51330. Phoned nintendo up and told to get in touch with my wireless connection netgear, but because it is out of warranty they wanted to charge me £25.00!! to help!.
    Any ideas in laymans language please.
    Many thanks
    I read what you said about you being an Ike master. Two can play at that game. I challenge you to an Ike ditto match. I'm one of the best Ike's in Wiichat.
    why can't you............there is another isn't there?...........*sighs* can we at least be friends still?
    hey pro.............listen i miss you.......alot.........please come back to me.........i beg of you.....
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