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    Brawl AI

    ill try to get a video of it
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    Brawl AI

    is it me or is brawls ai really bad because i created a stage with a spike pit at the bottom and blocks above it i got above the pit and could get out when i played against cpus they got stuck in the pit and got 999 damage
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    lego nintendo

    not a good enough 2 describe it mario kart was the best
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    Do you buy Nintendo Power?

    you people are crazy i get it and it is great i dont kno what anime crap you are talking about
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    putting stickers on trophies

    i remember that on brawls website it said that you could put stickers on trophies and it would make the characters stronger but i tried finding it and i couldnt did they get rid of it or am i just dumb
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    brawl stories

    ^^ wow you must be really bad if you are excited when you win ^^ ADFNAIFD???
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    Youtube Videos

    ^^the video was good but the music was bad^^
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    brawl stories

    i was playing on the final destination with two players and they were at the edge and i rolled a crate killed one guy inside the crate was a bomb that the other guy picked up and it exploded he died 2 kills in under 10 secs
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    Countdown From A Million

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    the "have you ever" game

    have you ever punched a girl this is for a boy only
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    Youtube Videos

    PART 1 PART 2
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    brawl stories

    i was playing sudden death with this one person and as soon as it said go i ran as fast as i could at him using Meta Knight and hit him he didnt even get to move
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    brawl stories

    i made this forum where people could post their stories of brawl matches they played and were kinda funny like one i played, it was an online game with a random person and they were playing as ike and i was winning they needed one more kill to beat me he just got they smash ball and b4 he could...
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    sending replays and pics

    when i tried to send a replay at the bottom it said it costs so many points and i had 20 where are these points coming from
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    Leaving the Disc in

    it also says for each hour or something take a 15 min break does anybody even do that