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  • If I added you on MKW or just on the Wii itself my mom had friends over and the little kids were on my Wii and somehow erased everything. All my friends are gone and my codes also changed too. I just wanted to let you guys know I've already added you again and if you still wanna add me here are my new codes: Mario Kart Wii Friend Code: 2408-8766-5038 & Wii Friend Code: 8217-1009-7690-0775. If not then you can just erase this message. Bye! ^_^
    I will play whit you i see you`re code en i follow yu oke tha we can play online super smash bros brawl oke en then we can see we wine:wiiconsole:
    I'm not active on this site anymore, and I don't brawl or race as often, so yeah...
    Yo dude lets game sometime tonight
    me and the girlfriend will be split screening on MKW hell yeah!

    So if your up to it let me know oh and I'm Pacific time so you know
    Ok i just re added you to my friends roster on both games just in case I input your fc's
    wrong. Hope to game soon dude.
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