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  • Oh so your back? Where did you go, and are you sure you still wanna be in my clan?
    Just foujd our ita calld a pro controller, the 1 i play wit,, does nox still play vbrawl n do eithr of u jave a fb or kik cuz txtn pn this is killin my phone btw im o smashboards
    I think that's it, I'm sure there's one more controller but I forget what it's called.

    And yes, I went "full Project M." Never going back to vBrawl.
    Yeah, I remember. I saw your post in the Countdown thread.

    Which one? We were in several groups. All of them should be dead now.
    Im back, kn this site at least, my wii controller (not the 1 wit the nunchuxk or the gamecube controoer, the othr 1 tht lookd like a ps3 controller only white) broke n thats what i play with, but until i cn find the name of the controller i gues i cant play
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