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  • Oh. But I don't really want any of my Brawls on YouTube........

    Necroposting is posting in a dead group. It's not a real word, just one I made up.
    I don't want him to leave, I want him to be banned. Permanently.

    And no, I don't have a YouTube. Why? Do you?
    I know there's a lot of Ike mains. But I still don't want to join.

    Besides, Goten is still there. I'm not joining any site Goten is still on. When he gets banned I'll consider it.
    Nah, I'm good. I heard the legendary SMASH KING was there, and I got tempted.

    But any site that that damn Goten is still on, I have no interest in.
    I'm sorry, it's just that people usually don't come back after not being active for two months straight.

    What made you think about WiiChat, anyway? Someone mention it on AiB or something?
    U can't believe what trago says. He is an unreliable resoure. But yeah, i'll add you back.
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