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  • Ask Koshi for it, as he sent it to me.

    ... Why are you telling me this stuff when Koshi was the one that did it? :lol:
    ... For some reason, he keeps getting pissed at me! I'm bloody sick of it!
    Congratulations on 600 VM's! :D

    Oh, and did I mention: I JUST SPOILED IT.
    :trollface: Got a problem? (Aaaahhh don't worry, I'm just messin' with you :wink:)
    Majority of us, which should be good enough.

    This avatar is from a Fire Emblem game I own.
    ... Oh God!!! I AM the youngest active member on Wiichat!!!! WWOOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!! :bacon: (BTW, if you like Pokemon, join my group the Poke'Community)
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