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  • Agreed. Much as I would still happily buy a sloppily-made "Gray" version, it certainly is 'bout time that the third (and now forth) games they tack onto a generation are actually new game. Not just a polished re-release.

    THIS July?! ... ... ... I don't know how to respond t' that information. ;_; I say this 'cause I haven't heard from a single Admin in ages. Either there's a glitch affecting their ability to administrate, or they've abandoned us at the worst possible time. =/

    Wiichat simply can't get a break. The apocalypse happened at a time of declining activity, but the place was still bustling prior to that. Now this happened when Wiichat was, as I've always been sayin', gettin' better and better in terms of activity. Wiichat would be a busy 'n grandeur forum at this point if **** like this didn't constantly happen. It's depressing, really...
    Nope, BW2 is a huge departure from the ol' "third game of a generation to milk money" deal. Tons of new areas, routes, etc., new (and possibly better) items for EV training, and a whole new regional dex. Pokemon from every other region are now wild in Unova, so yeah, you'll have some work ahead of ya to add it all in. Good news if you were gonna buy BW2, bad news since that's more work. :lol:

    God damn I hate those new emoticons. When'd you get this e-mail? Couldn't of been any time recent, 'cause Wiichat's not the same as before: it's worse off nowadays... We got DDoSed, resulting in a particularly frustratin' glitch which causes account registration e-mails to never be sent. Thus, no new members can post. Our core members have become moar active, but... That only does so much when ya got no new blood. ;_;
    Likewise, been good myself. Not that I enjoy the heat summer brings, but that ain't gonna drive me into some horrid depression or nothin'. :lol:

    Ready to update the EV-GEAR to include BW2's changes? >_>;
    Post limit again... I can't help myself. :p

    I could imagine it being something like one of those generic calculator programs most PCs have built in 'em. Click the + button to have every number clicked added to the total, which is constantly displayed. - button works in the same way, or subtracts the most recent addition.

    Or maybe simpler than that would do... Since simplicity is the #1 thing to consider, aside from usability. So long as it works better than jotting down number on a piece of paper, or a notepad on a PC.
    The World Ends With You is for the DS, though! Dx

    I can't blame you if you've never heard of it, though. It's not well known at all, even if it did sell well. Easily the best RPG on the DS, and quite possibly one of the best JRPGs of all time, though. It didn't get enough attention for being such a great game...

    It's definitely not a stupid idea, lol. Since BW doesn't have an in-game way to keep track of EVs (the +1 counter did fine in DPP), it's not a bad idea. So long as it's quick and very simple, it wouldn't be a bad idea at all. If it was the same as the poketch's counter, that'd be perfect, actually. Just, with a minus button too.
    Ahh, the post limit making me post twice. Like the good ol' days. :lol:

    I've been good in the recent, since I'm now back online and everything's quiet and boring IRL. My preferred way to live life. =) Prior to that, garbage. But the past is best left there, eh? Live in the moment, for the moment, and life is all the more grand.
    Nah, I wouldn't just up and leave forever like that. I'd leave some minor notice and tell anyone who might give a damn. 'Less death by some odd chance catches up to me, 'course. Grim as that is. :lol:

    My love of Magikarp is not bound merely by photos and avatars, bro. I live for the Karp.

    That, and as my phrase below my username says, I'm a Dissidia buff nowadays. If ya never heard of the series, it's an epic PSP fighter Square made with the basis of Final Fantasy. The Smash Bros. of Sony, really; except with Final Fantasy characters. So, I've gotta represent my main. Cloud's my new avatar, therefore.

    My profile avatar was changed from a king of 'Karp as well to that "Pin", since it's my favorite attack from the epic DS game The World Ends With You. Ever heard of it?
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