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  • Hey ik u have no idea who Iam but uh wanna add me my fc is: 320 817 520 536 I'm level 46 and my name is zakir2(WOLF) and I was reading the earlier posts about prince-luigi I was playing blackbox with him and ik he wasn't a clone cuz he used remote trigger mines and was kicking asś but I managed to kill him 10 Times with the silenced strata I was the only 1 who killed him , well anyways hope u add me
    Are u interest in joinig a clan. If so check out my clan SSM on the wii clans forum. We're looking for 3 more members. Read the rules first
    I dont know why, the real Prince Luigi just pisses me off for some reason lol Its just the way he plays... I usually rage quit as soon as I see his name... There are a couple clones that really suck. I did quit that match near the end so I dont know how it ended. Had to go pick up my gf and I was late lol I know you were doing pretty good but I was straight murdered.

    Sniper bait.... Hes getting pretty good. Ive played with him a few times. Hes alright. I dont care much for sole snipers. Snipers in the boat room piss me off to no end lol.

    Anyway like I said if you ever quit a match for lag, even as host (as long as its not at the very end) I totally understand.
    Idk if that was the Prince Luigi I played against a few times before or not, I definitely kicked " A " Prince Luigis @SS before a few times. I remember it vividly in Jungle map, cause I killed his @SS 4 times in a row, then got into a melee battle and I won, he quit after that. The other guy that was on their team "sniper bait" came on here last night and sent me a PM and added me. I could have taken out just enough snipers where a few of our team mates could quickly run in there and take **** over, but there were times during the game where I sniped people dead on and some how missed, that and the combination of not being able to hear my gun shooting was when I really knew we were going to lose this battle haha. If I wasn't host it wouldn't have went down like that at all. My KD was evenly matched, never have that happen unless there is lagg.
    Yeah last night... That was BS. That was the real Prince Luigi I ****ING HATE THAT GUY! Not because hes good, its just not fun going against him. And all those GD snipers... That was a brutal match for me.

    If you dont want to host then just quit and we will find another game. No big deal, even if you quit in the first couple seconds. I dont care if you quit because of lag either don't stick around on my behalf. Hell any time you want to leave a match and still want to play just smack me a couple times before you leave and we can go find a better match. Like last night I ****ing HATE when no one spawns a hero. I will quit a lot of times just because no one will man up. Esp if I spawn a hero that means Im board as hell and hoping it will get the other team to spawn one.
    IDK if you look at the leaderboard you can easily find all the cheats and they are countless now. Last time I looked there was over a thousand 56ers. Anyone without a 0 or 5 on the end of their XP I consider a cheat too. Also if you look at the number of days it is usually a pretty big clue.
    Holy crap I just checked your stats on GE Pretty damn impressive. I mean, knew your were good but **** man, had no idea... You outrank everyone in my roster by far lol and 2+ KDR Yikes. Thats some serious game. You know I bet if there werent so many cheats and hackers you would probably be in the top 100.
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