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  • Hey Rob, you hear about Chickenfoot? The "super group" with Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, and Chad Smith? I previewed some of their songs on iTunes and they sound really good. I might even go to Best Buy this weekend and buy the album.
    Sorry I don't get on her much anymore, I was just asking since I was playing you and you weren't subbing your players.
    Nice, you're a senior aren't you? I remember senioritis... Haha. You checked your fantasy baseball team lately?
    Not too bad man. Well, a power line fell down on my street, and took out my cable and internet. It took Verizon forever to get out here and fix it, and we had to manage until last week when we got it fixed. Afterwards, turned out my internet adapter on my computer was fried, so it took another week to get some money for a new one.

    But, I'm back once more. :)
    Yea, during the draft one of our dogs got out of the yard and bolted, luckily a neighbor found him and brought him back. So have you checked your team yet?
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