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  • Unjailbreaking an iPod let's you download normally illegal/impossible junk to said iPod, right? Never owned one of the cursed MP3/4s, so... I wouldn't know.

    New drum set or computer especially. System you already have < anything else entertaining. :lol:
    Brick an iPod... ? How does that happen? >_>;

    Ugh, "waste" your money on a PSP, or save it for the 3DS/Wii 2 in the next 1-2 years, dude. Buying a brand new system of one you've already got's always a bad idea; believe it or not I recently got my hands on a PSP, rather than snatching a DSi XL. Rather than have a system that plays DS games and has internet add ons and the like, I got a new system that plays new games, and has even better media than a DSi. See my logic? Bang for your buck, yeah? I'm having a blast just with a single demo as is. XD Don't ask where the money came from though, I honestly can't tell... >_>;
    New Elite? You mean the built-in wi-fi one, right? I'd die for that one, but... there's no way in hell I've got the money for it, lol. Needz moar job.
    Ive actually seen it before, I just forgot the name...and how to do it, heh. Ill just watch that video you put up.
    Not yet, I havnt even heard about it before. It sounds pretty cool. Ill YouTube it sometime, you dont need to tell me.
    Hm, not that I don't know of.= l He's probably doing something important.... I 'unno. I thought you would have something to know of him. Do you?
    If you don't play on Live with me soon then I'm gonna ban yo' ass Mr.Cyclic >:U
    No, it wouldn't be. .-.; Not with any kind of mower.

    Coming home exhausted... sounds familiar, lol. Define "cool down"...
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