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  • Damn sorry man, i was brawling when i got that message. I forgot to add you..:( Sorry. But dont worry ill brawl you later today.lol

    Haven't talk in awile, and ill add you as soon as i get which is like in a few mins.
    Yeah that is pretty close, i live in parlin. I dont know how close that is.
    I'm inspired by your post on "Does God Exist.":) I deeply do. People these days just want proof on God if he exist or not. I believe in him. I remember one thing that my teacher told me in Church School. "Seen by the unseen" what does it mean? Does it mean that you can't see God but the world is SuperNatural... I don't know, man.:lol: What do you think? I'm sure it's in the Bible.:)
    Belçika'da kaliyorum. Türkiyede Bolu, düzce.
    If I couldn't speak english I would not be hanging around here ;)
    I noticed you from your thread: Does God exsist? And thought I might aswel post on your visitors space. Where are you from?
    Thanks. It's not you, it's just that other user who thinks he's so great. Did you know that Nintendo is discussing a new Wii, and you know what else? Super Smash Bros. Battle! xD (That's the name one of the employee's gave me about the next SSB series.) :)
    Hey, I better bring this out while I can. My debates on that MK thread aren't aimed at you. I know it looks like I'm being a total jerk on there, but my points were aimed at... Well.. Someone I really don't like. :lol: It's a good thread, and sorry for saying that 'close the thread' thing. (That was targeted at someone.) This 'person' thinks that they are 'God' for all we know, and I just can't stand him. :sick: Also, glad to have you back in the community. :)
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