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  • Shadow I'm not on much in general, I find what I feel is interesting and post a comment on it...based on the surrounding circumstances, it doesn't hurt to do what I did...and if it does, the post gets deleted, I can do nothing about it. I'm just getting back in the fray of being part of a forum community so I'm slowly but surely starting to remember the necessary habits.
    you've really got to check the post date. the meta one was your thread anf you had a valid reason behind it. that Brawl/Melee thread you just resurrected was way old and all you really did was offer agreement. you would have been better making a new thread then reviving that one
    hey turk wats up???? know what you should do?? you should make a reappearance in the Rp thread ^_^ i loved all ur funnyness and such that you brought to the thread. i'd really like it, think about it will ta -_^
    hey I like Final Fantasy-type RPGs, turn-based is fine, but anything that has a level-up and learning new skills/abilities are RPGs I love. Adding a strategy-based aspect to them are big plusses, too. I rarely play MMORPGs, as I got really bored of "click and hit" games, nothing new or interactive. Also, anything that goes online and is competitive and has a strategy-based element to it is awesome for me.
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