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    Backup Wii Discs

    the commies here wont let us discuss this.
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    What's up with this site?

    its not the users problem that their business model sucks so much.
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    Girl mistakes gun for Wii controller - kills herself

    and I'm pretty sure you're an idiot for thinking that.
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    What's up with this site?

    this place is ****, thats what the problem is.
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    How do you repair Wii door?

    i used clear scotch tape.
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    Black Wii Menu

    not on this site.
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    Is orb a violation

    no, its fine.
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    shaun white: Road trip v world stage or Skate IT

    road trip is your best bet. i have all three and i play RT the most.
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    6" 24. don't sweat it bud. i know many guys who took til after high-school to et taller. everyone is different. one cousin is 16 & 6", another is 14 & maybe 5". big difference.
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    Does God exist?

    BINGO. a Christian is someone who believes that Jesus is God's only son, who died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins; rose again and ascended to heaven. that is the ultimate definition of a follower of christ.
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    **** no.

    **** no.
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    umm... homebrew doesnt really apply to the warez rule.
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    Question on resolution

    only supports up to 480p
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    Internet for the Wii

    afaik it is not possible using the verizon card. also, this will eat up a lot of data.
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    local network games ?

    only some games at have a "WiFi" blue icon on it.