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    What's Nintendo planning with Luigi?

    this is the most random post i have ever seen. gates could solo while luigi does his brawl smash attack and dances like an idiot.
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    The "How was your Easter" Thread

    Easter didn't even happen yet...
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    Did I just find the rarest pokemon? =O

    He is . I got him once.
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    lol@ three to four people misspelling his name first.
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    Just Beat Tabuu on Intense...

    How did you get a trophy stand to a boss fight?
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    Coin Launcher Question

    I think it might be when the bar fills up you get that rapid-shot coin shooting bonus, but idk how to fill it.
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    Poems for all

    True first draft isn't always the best, but often I find myself not wanting to change the words because it's like i'm changing my feelings. But i heard someone say something about that, 'it's not you changing how you feel, it's changing how you express how you feel' so don't be afraid to...
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    Poems for all

    The goal is whatever you make it. a lot of people feel writing without thinking feels best and makes the best poems, but some people say great poets are great because every noun, article, and word choice is perfectly placed, and sometimes it was painstaking for them to make it so artistic. i...
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    Poems for all

    Haikus are easy sometimes they don't make much sense refridgerator --anonymous i am thinking of posting more of my random lines, but they are really meant to be sung, and you can feel the meaning a lot more through listening than just reading. EDIT: Are we having an on the fly...
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    Brawl vs Halo 3

    All I have to say is I feel like Brawl improved upon melee waaaay more than Halo 3 did, and also, me and my friends have been talking about how every brawl match is fun, but sometimes halo 3 matches can be let downs if you get in a rut and can't come back for a win, and also personally, i feel...
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    Can't Play Online...

    FILTH AND LIES!! for with anyone, try setting your items to medium. i play with high items and when you search for matches the same settings apply, so it only searches for other high items matches. switching to medium usually gets you a match fast.
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    Poems for all

    i totally heart e e cummings, and also a bunch of peeps i can't remember. whose the samuel guy who wrote like proverb type things? was his name samuel? i dunno. any one who can change the world with words is ok in my book. just don't read my lines like they end in a question or something when...
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    Poems for all

    awesome!!! here is one of mine. i post them sometimes on my blog, random lines i feel are post worthy. most make it into songs i write or something. in this contrast of hot and cold i can't seem to find a middle ground in this battle of new and old i can't seem to gain a thing. (this...
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    Complete Sticker Guide

    IMO weapon= beam sword, home run bat, ray gun, etc. stuff like that. idk just a guess.
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    How to avoid Lag

    all i know is i get almost no lag with my friends matches and mad lag with anyone. i guess cause my friends live in the general area.