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    Nintendo 3DS' Official US Price

    i'm a geek for new gadgets. i'm getting it. 249.99 is more than fair IMO. they could have easily charged 299 and gotten away with it.
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    Modern Warfare 2: Glitch on Highrise

    yeah they might, except this forum is dead. its all over youtube anyways people just dont use it as much cus its harder to get into and your exposed the whole time your trying to get up there.
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    Best K/D?

    back from the dead t3kni9e?
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    well i bought this game a couple days ago, even after reading the average reviews it got (70 somthin on metacritic) but its suprisingly good! im a big fan of the sniping. im not too far in im a level 5 or 6 and have only got the 128 player modes unlocked but seriously, i have not experienced lag...
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    Modern Warfare 2: Glitch on Highrise

    not a glitch.
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    Best K/D?

    well, i went 40 and 4 on quarry with an mp5k. my favorite class to use is: MP5k Desert Eagle Perk1:marathon pro Perk2:lightweight pro Perk3:commando pro Deathstreak:Martyrdom Killstreaks i usually use (though i change them often) care package or preditor missle, harrier, ac130. also...
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    this is like the ultimate halo fanboy, dont try to argue ur point with a fanboy hell just get upset. to the OP wait til u get ur 2nd paycheck and blow them both on a ps3, and whatever games you want. it's a good decision. 360s are awesome too though, and they are priced the same right now.
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    Comparing Sales

    yeah.. now that they are affordable and its the holidays they are flying off the shelves. i see people buying them left and right when im in gamestop or target or walmart or wherever. i saw a couple well into their 80s buying one at target, haha obviously a gift though. hell, i just bought...
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    Replaced Broken PS3, what did i miss?

    i had a ps3 with a broken blu-ray drive for quite some time now (since before the release of uncharted 2) but i bought a slim today. i also bought uncharted 2. since i havent had a PS3 i havent been keeping up with all the news on releases. anything i missed? i'm talking exlcusives only. i...
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    What's the best xbox 360 game online right now?

    well... mw2 has been out for over a month and it's the most played game on live. halo 3 is still played online a lot too. those are the main ones...
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    gamer parties

    is anybody actually going to do this? i'm not.... lol they will probably draw some bullshit negative conclusions about video games from it.
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    Game Recomdendations

    i can never recomend fallout 3 enough.
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    Something wierd...

    yeah just an error but dont be suprised if your disc drive fails soon. mine is currently dead, same thing happened to me.
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    Dragon Age Origins: who has it?

    I've got it. its good but i will say one thing, it was obviously designed for play on the PC and the console versions controls and lack of certain features shows that. if your looking for another oblivion you wont find it here but it's a good game.
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    Modern Warfare 2 Stats

    idk mine i let a couple people use my gamertag and it brought my k/d way down lol. its still posotive though. i just wanted to say you should add your longest streak in there too.