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  • I'll be sure to when I get a new laptop. My old one got smashed and my wii isn't very reliable when it comes to online videos.
    No I've watched up to the fake episode 7, that was done by a SMBZ fan, when the original stopped at 6. But I didn't know there was more now.
    Yep, I watched all of them until they quit making more. It was a great little series.
    We will be leaving pretty quick here. Women are a pain. Bring pillow & blanket for each of ya. Also bring whatever else you want to.
    I think DPrinny is right and, right cus sure they r the wii news crew words but I quote the news and write sometimes what I think on it...and i think DPrinny always wants to be right, which is wrong, no1 can always be right, i know alot of people that what to always be right and can't admit to that their wrong sometimes-makes me mad sometimes how some people think they are hiher than others :(
    YES! You guys staying the night Friday & i'll change it when he appears. ALso I finished the Grimmjow AMV, but I refuse to put it up till you guys see it & say it's good enough. Now i'm going to bed. The chapter wasn't finished but it will be tomorrow expecially since I get off at 10:40am.
    It should be updated tonight if not tomorrow. Send a message if you guys can stay the night or not. I'll see what else I can do. Also I joined MangaFox.
    I thought your pop had friday off? Cause unfortunatly thanks for gramps it's made an untimatum. Either can stay the night so mum can get more money or it can't happen.
    Axtually you can only come over Friday so if you guys are up to it we might even get David to tag along. Sound like a plan?
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