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  • Okay liar. Nice Avatar by the way & nice work with the chapter. Forgot to review last night & I have to get off cause little sis wants the computer.
    It's actually a bit LONGER than the original, oddly enough (only by a sentence or two). I'm pretty sure it just looks short because it's all crammed together.
    lmao. ik bro. An thats fine, she'll make fun back. its not easy rhyming every damn line you know! lol
    That's fine. I'll be in town this weekend & if you guys get a chance would like to come over to play some Wii? Also could you explain what you told me in that pm better? I don't understand what caused it. I know I don't have to say this but, explain in pm please.
    No, I did not. :lol: And apparently neither do the morons who taught me the idea here.

    Ah well, good to keep in mind for the future. Thanks Shadow.
    Got it. Almost finshed with him. I had to change a few other things cause I noticed I accidently gave him some of the stuff from someone elses Shinigami for my Bleach fic.
    Hey any special things needed on the appearence for the bad guys? Like with the arrancars having parts of their mask.
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