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  • Fine. I'm having a hard time with the names for them. I just need help with the Shinigamis. I already thought of an element for his Zanpakuto too. The bad guy well let's just say I had no problems except changing his appearence.
    I know. It's just that it never got a vote so I didn't focus on it & no. The kinks are a bit tricky for me. Especially since I just made them hours ago. In other words i'm revising them.
    I was thinking Adell from Disgea 2. And i'm working the kinks out at the moment. Haven't had the computer much. The Naruto story idea won the poll with D.Gray-Man in third place. Pokemon got second. That's all the news I got. Should I have all of Naruto's info for the thing just Summerized?
    I'll have to ponder. I don't need to overwhelm myself between his, mine, and Wii Ninjas
    Toche. I was going to ask if could use him, but ya beat me. I'm grabing Naruto then. 2 ?s. What villian in any series would I be best at? You think enough people know D.Gray-Man? Going to bed cause I have school tomorrow.
    Need a bit more time before I send the summary. Also I forgot to mention this. I GOT GRANDMA'S BOY FOR CHRISTMAS!
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