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  • I'll send the idea later tonight cause we're leaving soon to go home. Though I think it would be better if I put a summary for all the ideas on my profile. Later.
    'Sup Shadow?

    Heh, that's right. I'm a KH fan. And from what I've seen recently (the most recent TGS trailer is epic, you've seen it already, yeah?), yes, I'm dieing for Birth By Sleep. ... And for a PSP.

    Got any resolutions for the new years? ... As usual I have a few, of which'l go unfulfilled, since I'm a bit of a lazy douche. :lol: If you do, there's a thread for posting them.
    Yes. This person also claimed to be Greg in a different thread that I read after I posted that... I'm gonna get Brizer, his friend whom I'm closer to, to talk to him in person.
    be warned. the memory card won't work in a new Wii tho. i tried using my mem card in my friend's to get all the SSBB and GH3 stuff that i all unlocked to play at my party but the system kept deniying the card. my Wii just went pffft and wont turn on at all
    Well I will edventually have to get my PS2 back from you guys. Oh I also got One Piece Grand Adventure for the PS2. It have Trace(Ace) in it. Haven't had a chance to play it though. I love the name for the group.
    Um I know it's not your type of read but I put up a new Fic. Just go to my sig to get to my profile & then ya go for all my stories anymore. Eaisy access also I added 3 chapters to the bleach story. I'm going to bed.
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