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  • I didn't really do anything for New Years; relaxing on holidays is what I'm all for. And rather than today, I Party Hard'd on Christmas. Partying only a few days from returning to... er, life, isn't wise IMO. Not with my insomnia active, too.

    ... Speaking of insomnia, it's almost 4 in the fuking morning. DX I need some sleep... Sorry to up and disappear, but g'night.

    Once more, Happy New Year! =D

    ... God damnit, I can't find anything New Year and Magikarp. Ah well. 'Night. :lol:
    Alright. Happy New Years from Cali. It'll take a bit to send them because I need to organixe the summary.
    Sweet. I'll go read it now. Hey go to my profile on Fanfic & tell me which fic sounds like a good idea to you. You can even make a character it if you want. I'll give you basic idea for the story of which ever one you choose. Also check out the Songs Into the Nothing, Fading Away, & Crawl by Breaking Benjamin.
    You really should ask who else is in the game. You will want to know. Also Sasori is voiced by Ichigo's actor.
    Yes they are & it sounds interesting. Itachi now has an air special. He fires the Fireball Jutsu diagonally. HIs down special is also Fireball Jutsu. Both fireballs are about twice his size easily. IF you press the special then hold foreward he does a different Tsukiyomi Special. 3 of him walk out & turn into Ravens that fly around the enemy & turn ino shuriken. He finishes it with a slash from a sword. His basic special is still the same. Anything else you wanna know? Like any other characters &/or any new specials for older characters?
    Yeah he is. Saskue Shippuden is in it but no 4 tails & Kakashi has too many specials. Good news for Shawn. Itachi got a few new specials.
    Nothing. I was just about to tell you I added Chapter 8 of the Bleach story so you can read it. Also I should be able to get the next 2 chapters up by tomorrow night since the next one is small. I got NCNR3 for the wii 3 days ago.
    Trying to squeeze in more wiichat time lately, I should keep in touch more, yeah?

    That, and this little vacation will help with my activity level. :p
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