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  • u cant call us on modern warfare reflex no lives when u have over thousand posts, ur a nerd. just look at whts under ur name. i bet ur 40, havent got laid and live wit ur mom and dad..
    i just added you on the wii:) i havent been online for long and im trying to gather some friends :L i am aloso off school ill today(N) so i need something to do:L please accept?:D mine is: 8826-6890-7416-8407 xx
    Nice name change. Maybe now you wont have trouble getting to your profile.:)
    Yup, i rip them, and design my own. :D but, i've been lazy during the long days and just borrowed my buddy's texture hacks. :D but, it'll be fun to do that again. :D Went to belguim (dont know if i spelled it right, but it's in germany) and follow some of team twiizers work. Cant wait for the next meet, ill have my very own program made! :D so much.. excitment.. and for no pay... XD
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