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  • Hahaha, I don't mean an STD! XD I felt sick of thinking about sex after it was over. =P I wish it was longer, but I lost that 'excited' feeling after 20 minutes x_x
    Felt weird, and strangly, it was really fast. I'd imagine an hour or so, but lasted for 20 or so minutes. (the first 5 minutes being the most engaging lol) after that, felt sick all that night.
    The dreaded 8 hour+ shifts... All-too familiar to me. I'm not dealing with long days like that at the moment, though. This reprieve will hopefully last a few more months, mainly until I get a better paying job.

    Speaking of which, as I cryptically mentioned earlier, I've been off since Thursday this week. Be back at it Tuesday; for once I'll have a Monday off from both work and school. I couldn't ask for more, really. :lol: Huzzah for extra days off.
    True enough. Unless he's a dedicated spammer with multiple proxies, there's not much to worry about.

    I'm good. Having a few extra days on top of the weekend off has me in good spirits. This wasn't the case a year ago, but I can never have enough free time these days. :lol:

    Hey, S.S. I see you've met our once-resident spammer of the Brawl and pokemon forums... Just a small warning, friend to friend; he almost shut down the entire forum half a year ago, with his now-banned account (he's on a dupe, right now). He's a topic killer with all his off-topic spam and flamming, really. Killed off an entire forum I used to Moderate, too.

    Point being, try not to get mixed up with that moronic child. You'll be happier that way, trust me. :lol:
    Haha! I wish I was smart, but sadly.. But, she felt sorry for me, and then we just did it.. It was freakin weird, and the condoms hurt like hell!! Haha
    ok then maybe ill get it but 4 halo only but it may take some time before i get one
    whats natal?
    Ah, I'm 3 hours ahead then. ;P GMT -8 or so? Good to know. Ugggh. Guess I'm off.. smell ya later, pal. Have a good one. <3
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