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    Mario Kart Wii code

    ill take a race anytime 2966-7639-1340 added u
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    Anyone want to play Animal crossing online?

    hi my name is shadow my town is o.b.a and friend code is 1120-2203-9383 add and i will add to im addin u im addin u and online now if u want to play town o.b.a name shadow code 1120-2203-9383 Mod edit: No multi-posting, use the edit button instead.
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    Wii Speak Code

    added ur wii speak mine is 1667-8390-2914-1252 name shadow hi name shadow wii number on here also wii speak number i have accf mkw if u want to add me go ahead mkwf.c 2966-7639-1340 and accf fc.1120-2203-9383 name shadow town o.b.a and txt me to let me know u added 773-431-6633 ty have a...
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    added u vampaq

    added u vampaq
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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl "Friend Code Exchange"

    hi name dark i have added spicy and noun and mine fc 4856-8835-3509
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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl "Friend Code Exchange"

    added u spicy mine is 4856-8835-3509 name is dark
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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl "Friend Code Exchange"

    ssbb hi name dark 4856-8835-3509 ill add if u want just let me know who
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    Animal Crossing: City Folk wii Friend codes?

    hi my name shadow my town o.b.a fc 1120-2203-9383 and heres my friends name deanna town o.b.a fc 3052-7640-6441 add us both and i have added both of u on this page will be on all day oh just so u know her town was my old one so dont be confused and if her code is not correct its 7040 but it...
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    Samurai warriors 3 fc needed

    moose added u 3954-9008-0232 name shadow and the first person who made the post add me
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    samurai warriors 3 friend code

    mine is 3954-9008-0232 if u have leave urs and i will put u in i check all the time lookin for some one to play wit name shadow
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    mario kart players for players that is 12 and up

    we both added u do u have mario kart wii
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    mario kart players for players that is 12 and up

    first up for 12 yrs add 0132-6061-8934-9475 name deanna/and for over 21 -1667-8390-2914-1252 name shadow and these are two diffent wiis and leave urs and if ur 12 leave for deanna and if ur over 21 leave for shadow. deannas mk number is 4169-5250-7881/and mine is2966-7639-1340/top is wii numbers...
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    plz!!!!!! i need friends for mkw!

    m.k.w friends hi my name is shadow on m.k.w i use a mii and mii bike and my wii number is in sig i will add 4169-5250-7881.....lets see how fast u really are if u not scared chicken.....bawk.bawk
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    Monster Hunter Tri On-line Id codes

    m.h.t need good hunters my hr is 39 name is shadow online id is YUN9E5......hunt wit me im on my urgent......p.s really need help