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  • I forgot the name of your Negima character so I need you to send the name because you will appear soon. Also I added chapters for both of my stories. Just go to my sig for the link to my profile.
    Dude! I forgot your # & my said she can pick you up around 2:00 & 3:00 pm. I forgot her # too so can I get it again?
    Stupid text limit. Lets see ah. I remember now. You may change his NAME, NICKNAME, PAST, PERSONALITY, & CLOTHING. Also if you want to make a love interest for him. I can if you want me 2 all I need is this. What Devil Fruit power she has if any(I need it either way so let me know this no matter what.) and any stats she has, height, etc.
    I have a new friend that joined today. He's the guy that made Ryozo in the story. His name is Firelord.
    could you edit your post? i need Vent alone with Caedus for this, me and Storm got it planned out. if you want you can instead help Vibro.
    oh, well i hope your ma gets better.
    anyways, i'm tired so good night and i'll talk to ya later. tomorrow is not likely though, Shawnee is comin' over.
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