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  • Lol, I was thinking about those big yellow construction looking trucks that carry stuff in the back like the one on the right:

    I have no clue why I though that though, some people just like trucks!:tongue:
    Lol. That makes me sound like a garbage man or something. No it's Dirt Diver. It's the call sign of my favorite character from the show The Unit. If you have never seen it you should check it out. It got cancelled a couple years ago. It's based on the Army's Delta Force. I'm gonna be on a lot starting tomorrow after noon through the weekend. Got the house all to myself!!! :yesnod:
    Oh wow, I always thought your screentag was Dirt Driver not Diver. The guy didn't really talk or anything, I thought it was really cool at first, but it was all one word so even if it was the same words as yours it wasn't the same
    Well I'm Diver not Driver so hopefully he won't f up anything for me. I was playing with Dirt Digger the other day. I've been thinking about changing it ...
    Yeah, I've started to like the stake out a lot. I can't play Hardcore worth **** because it's too much of a stand still game (not enough action), everytime I run out someone in a corner would get me with like two shots, I like how in regular you can actually get into cover after they start shooting and turn their attack back on them
    Nice! That was pretty sweet. Gotta love bog. Sniper heaven. I have done some serious damage on Crossfire to. I'm working on a crossbow montage. Just started using one and I'm loving it!!!
    do you want to be friends online and play games together?
    if so, brawl fc is: 2794-5332-7516 the name is qualls and im going to add you on wii system:7849-5508-6360-5463
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