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  • Dude I just played a sick game of domination with Lazy Jack. 21 kills 4 deaths 3 captures. I was 19-0 before the first time I died. Using a M-16 with ACOG to!
    Sweet! Yeah that was fun. I had to bail cuz the kid was screaming. That's why I sucked that last match on Array.
    no my screen name on mwr is SD_BIGSHOT in all red letters. but anyways do you want to join my clan Scarred Delta its for mwr and bo we need members so please join
    I know what you mean. I am always thinking ... What is the perfect class? Everytime I start to get comfortable with a weapon or setup, I think of something new and switch it up! It's a sickness.
    Lol, for the most part it's just the fact that I lay awake thinking, "oh I could have done this in such and such map" or " I really want to find out if this combination of guns and perks work well for this type of gameplay or this map". Really I'm just always thinking of ways to improve myself, but if I watch tv I don't for whatever reason
    Sorry, I for the most part get off of my wii at like 9 my time which I think is 7 your time because otherwise I can't sleep
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