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  • yeah i have tryed zombies a few times its fun and all at firstbut then it starts to get boring, because its the stuff over andover again.and i havent played hardcore yet i had to go back to playing easy matches cause i got a new 42" tv and i had to used to where the sensorbar was. lol
    aight ill send ya a request. and maybe we can hook up and play together.. you play zombies or regular online more?
    that sea horse is pretty crazy about that mwr(NO OFFENSE sea horse) cause he has been begging me to look at my friend code for reflex but i dont know it. lol
    My code is in my signature. I'll ally with most people as long as they don't cheat or hack.
    I'm on most nights.
    my black ops friend code is 1016-6530-7385 if you want to become allies send me a request. but i need friends so please do. lol
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