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  • you know im not even gonna lie to you
    I want to prestige to 15th now that i decided to prestige to level 1

    BUUUT its gonna take me forever
    i want an xp lobby but i guess idk pride is keeping me from reaching the top in an illegal way

    btw did you know there is a mod menu for black ops
    which allows the hacker to rank or de-rank ppl? lol
    HA! so it WAS FAKE after all i just youtubed it and found some guys video debunking the whole thing as FALSE lol

    what total noobing
    oh and get this about a week ago i was on noobtown as well lol
    and the jeep next to the bus was about to explode i threw my tomahawk

    and helped the car explode and killing 3 people lol.

    and the most important thanks for not reacting in a harsh way as i imagined you would. But all bullshit aside

    your 15 prestige on wii black ops right? well i finally decided to prestige too! on both wii and ps3 and half of me is happy and the other half is like "**** why did i do this ****!?! i lost all my damn GEAR!!!"
    hey I just wanted to apologize to you about my awfully rude comment I left you on your 101 kills on nuketown with the Famas

    I was out of place and acted like a total dick to be quite honest.
    you don't have to reply to this

    I just don't want any kind of drama going on in a forum especially with someone who has done ABSOLUTELY nothing to me but gave respect and best of opinion's comments on my threads
    I just tend to say **** exactly how i feel about it and or whatever is on my mind

    So i'm sorry again peace and love.
    [sidenote] If wii had theatre mode you prob should of captured that match. Also have you seen the insane 541 kills on havana in ONE match for the ps3?
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