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  • http://www.wiichat.com/forum/worth-ave-group/ Explination? I asked in the admin area and got no response, Do they really need there own section on the forum? A simple banner on the right hand side would work better and what's with all the here today gone tomorrow admins? surely that privilege should be given to someone thats here a lot
    Hi smalltowngirl13 I'm new to this. My favorite game to play is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. If you like to play it also lets play it together sometimes
    If I had 3 apples and my friend had 5 apples why don't we share them? >;c
    Well the Mod temporarily fixed the problem.
    He deleted a post in between one of my posts and the Original Posts
    So now I have 3 posts in the front

    Do you think you can move posts within a thread?
    Sorry to bother you again,
    I have a problem on one of my threads:

    It seems I hit the image count in the original post. A while ago I had a super mod deal with the problem but he could not figure out how to move posts. It would be very helpful if you can move one of my posts to be under the original post. The super mod told me to create a "spam" post so he could move it. If what I suspect about admins and mods being able to see deleted posts is true. Could you move that "spam" post below the original post? Or do you want me to create a new post and so you can move that one?
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