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  • A shame indeed... hopefully Smash 4 can restore the community. It'l never be as godlike, but it can still be great.

    Ya should. I was too used t' vBrawl as well, considerin' it was the only Smash game I played competitively; or at all. If my scrubby fins can get a grasp on P:M's mechanics in just a week, surely you can do the same. 'Specially since I was never good at Melee, not even average. I was the n00biest of noobs. :lol: Tournament fodder at it's finest.

    ... We've got a newbie you can practice against anyways. Tragonight's decent, but he's never cared t' play competitively. Knowin' you, you'll be on his level in just a few days of serious practice. Speakin' of, you know 'bout L-canceling and all'a them Melee ATs, yeah?

    I can't wait t' play both. 'Specially Mewtwo, I'm hype as **** for December bro. :lol: I'll probably be **** with 'em, but I give no ****s. I'm **** with Lucario and still play 'em occasionally.

    Which one'a you had the better Ike? >__________>
    Yep. Wiichat's grand ol' Smash community is long gone; I'm the only one left... the League is a ghost town, dust 'n all. =/ 'Least the memories are still intact. Only three active Smashers are here: Mr. MR, Tragonight and myself. Only MR plays vBrawl these days though, and even then all three'a us prefer Project: M. Oh, speakin' of, you'll find King Bowser perusin' around everyone once in awhile. He's converted to P:M too. :lol: I'm sure you remember 'em, yeah?

    Yep, it's tough **** in the beginnin'. When I first tried P:M my Wolf wasn't even worthy of bein' called a shadow of it's former self. Takes some practice, but hot damn is it worth it. The raw speed, the technical skill... it's way more fun than Brawl could ever be. Rough as it is, ya should really give gettin' into it a shot. Then ya'd be able t' play my Wolf 'n Meat Knight again. :D


    ... Wait, we never friended each other? lolwtf
    ... I ain't sure whether t' take that as a compliment or insult. :lol:

    Can't say I'm surprised the famed Ike'o gold is still Smashin'. I'd challenge ya to a few sets for ol' times sake, but I can't stand playin' vBrawl anymore. Project: M's the only thing for me these days. I'm sure ya've heard'a it.

    I certainly remember how dangerous a good Ike can be lol. Between you 'n General, it'd be hard for me t' forget.
    im more into it these days actually lol

    ... After more than two years, ya suddenly drop in with a candid howdy-do. Can't say I was expectin' that. :lol: I've been Smashing, my friend. If ya catch my meanin'.

    And you? I take it you're still Splashin' waves in the online Brawl community, yeah?
    Hey, I don't know who smash king is but. If you ever come back for a bit, could you give me control of the Ike main group. I'll take good care of it.
    ugh.... when you come back & read this fool. This war aint over... YA NOOB
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