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  • Sure, I'll do my best to get it right.
    Brawl+ is kind of a hacked Brawl that plays differently. It has different physics designed to make the game faster and more about combos than it is now. They also removed things like random tripping or time limits for replays. To some degree, it was made to play more similarly to Melee and it is considered more competitive, but it doesn't have the glitches melee had (wavedashing and L-cancelling for example.)
    Some people consider it more fun, personally I think it's just different but about as fun as normal Brawl (or, like they call it, vBrawl, or vanilla Brawl.)
    As for how to get it, you'll have to research that yourself. sorry.
    If ur calling youself the smash king because ur saying ur the best brawler well just 2 let u know im the smash king and do u have call of duty world at war??
    This site is kind of dead... the admin abandoned it in Feb and most the mods left. If you're looking for people to play SSBB with, there is a friend code thread for the game going over at Ninstation. They also arrange weekly group games and stuff. Check it out if you're interested:
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